Crazy Boy Farm Coaching

Do you Dream of Farming?

Do you want to be more Self Sufficient?

Do You want to Create and Grow?

 Life is a journey. Farming is not just about producing a certain crop. It is a lifestyle that values growing, creating, connecting to the land and people around us and living a life well lived. Whether you live in the city, country or wilderness moving towards a life of self-sufficiency and connection is not an easy journey, but it is well worth it. There is also a pretty steep learning curve. We would love to share with you tips for your journey whatever your goals may be.  

Crazy Boy Farm Coaching


We offer personalized help to reach your goals. 

Options include--

  • Telephone consultations, 30 min. ($30) or 60 min. ($50)
  • Site visits to a limited number of locations ($200/ 2 hours), mileage rates are 50 cents/per mile
  • ​Crazy Boy Farm Tour ($100/ 2 hours)

Things we can discuss


  • Your Why. The why is the most important part of this journey. It will be what keeps you going when times get tough and times WILL get tough. 
  • Developing a vision, whether your are just starting out or have been thinking about this for awhile we can help hone your vision.
  • Accessing existing resources.
  • Help in searching for new resources.
  • Setting your plan to action.
  • Inspiring your children and family. 
  • Types of a family business.
  • Help with Business Plan writing 
  • Help searching for available grants and writing grant applications.

How it Works


We offer 30 and 60 minute telephone counseling sessions. These are very useful when you are building a vision and beginning your journey. You select what time frame you and contact us We contact you with available times and schedule an appointment. 

If you want more hands on help we can schedule a site visit. This will help us access current resources and make a plan for your specific farm. The cost is $200 for 2 hours. We are limited as far as distance so if you are interested in this option please contact us first. We also charge 50 cents per mile from our door to yours. 

We also offer a Crazy Boy Farm tour. This allows you to visit our farm. $100/2 hours.