About US

Our Story

We, Proeun and Amy Doeun, started out as a young professional couple. We went to college for business and English respectively and though Proeun always dreamed of a farm or ranch, Amy was completely satisfied living the urban life of museums, coffee shops, bookstores and poetry readings. But then the children started arriving and they totally rocked our world. Now the best way to describe us is as a family of oddballs and we love every minute. learning much along the way.
We strive to live a life bonded to each other, honoring the earth and sustaining the good life. Our little family of 7 is transitioning from urban to rural and Since 2008 we have been farming and run a  CSA.
In 2011 we purchased our dream farm 
​In 2012 we started adding animals to our farm. 
​In 2016 we added a coaching element to our business. We noticed alot of people were inspired by our story but didn't know where to begin. We are here to help you on your journey.

In 2017 we published our guide to simple seasonal living with children Home School Farm.

The Legend of Crazy Boy

 Once there were two hearts though separated by half the world journeyed tirelessly together. The two halves had to be joined. When they did the boy was born and later his sisters.

The heart of the boy belonged in the wilderness, to the animals and plants that grew around him. He was wild and happy. He enjoyed frog races and dining on wax worms while fishing.

His parents knew it would be hard work to keep the boy wild and free and to keep the familys’ hearts joined together and to the land. In finding each other they had left the land and now it was time to return with their children.

And so they did-- To Crazy Boy Farm. This is our son. This is our farm. This is our journey. We invite you to join us on a journey to the land, to simplicity and to hearts joined forever.

This is our journey from a strictly urban environment to a more self-sufficient and rural lifestyle. Thanks for joining us.


Interview with co-founder Amy Doeun